[Solved] Can matrix creator replace for CC2430 or CC2530 in Zigbee network?


I’d like to make a zigbee network to collecte blood pressure et pulse. Usually we can connect sensors with CC2430 or CC2530 to form an acquisition module.

My question is can we use Matrix creator replace CC2530 to concect with sensors or other healthy datas collection instruments ?

MATRIX Creator uses the EM358 Zigbee chip from Silicon Labs. Yes, this chip should be able to talk to any other Zigbee compliant platform.

Can you elaborate more about how are you trying to make the communication between them?

Thanks for your kindly answer.
For More details, I’d like to make a home health care eco system with matrix creator ,home asistant and Z-WAVE (Or Zigbee)

For the elderly health care requirements, a module includes blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, wireless sensor network deployment , storage and analysis software development; and for the elderly to fall problem, add a detection module to detect the elderly fall.

The people wears a wearable data acquisition node to collect physiological information and other data information; i’d like to use Matrix creator to connect with these healthy data acquistion for example a blood pressure monitor.

Since Matrix creator has a wireless transmission function(Z-WAVE,ZIGBEE,WIFI), the collected physiological parameter information and fall detection signal are sent to the monitoring base station through the Z-WAVE( or Zigbee) wireless network; Monitoring software for data storage, display and analysis. And other function like control light with voice control.

The main modules include: physiological parameter information acquisition module (health index data acquisition module), fall detection module, voice control module ,routing node module, gateway node module, monitoring base station monitoring software module.

And I’d like to use HOME ASISTANT as central control .
The structure like image below

What to you think about it? Any sugesstion?

Looks like a great project!
My suggestion are:

  • Start small, testing different components independently first.
  • I think you should not need a Zwave router. That can be entirely replaced by the MATRIX Creator with the Raspberry Pi.


Yoel Thank you for your suggestion. I’d like to know if I still need a Hub for connection with WIFI network and Z WAVE network? Or matrix creator can be used as Hub ? Or home asistant can connect wifi and Z wave?

MATRIX Creator connected to a Raspberry Pi can serve as a ZWave Hub.