[SOLVED] Connecting to MATRIX Creator without a network

Hi everyone,

First post here so please be gentle…

I’ve followed the installation instructions and have (I believe) MATRIX CLI with node.js set up on my Windows 10 machine (sorry, its a work laptop) as the Client machine. I have also followed the install instructions on the Raspberry Pi so it looks like I’m good to go…

Question is, what if I don’t have my Pi on a network? Is it possible to connect to the Pi directly from the Windows laptop, e.g. via a USB cable and SSH? Or do I need to set up a local network?

Otherwise, is it possible to program the MATRIX Creator directly on the Raspberry Pi itself without having to use a Client PC?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Bernard,

The best way to interact with the Matrix Creator and the Raspberry Pi is using SSH. We recommend to use SSH and the Raspbian Jessie Lite image that is lighter and eats less RAM than the Pixel one. You can connect the Raspberry Pi directly to your Windows laptop using an Ethernet cable. You will have to setup a small network between you laptop and the Rasp Pi.
However, to To program without a client PC you can always use the Raspbian Jessie with Pixel image from https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/. Then you can use a keyboard and a display connected to the HDMI in the Pi.

Hope this work for you. Let us know your results.


@yoelrc88 Based on this answer… I keep reading that matrix cli is not intended to run on the raspberry pi, is it just not recommended but still possible to do? I’m having the same issue, I do not have a Wifi network at work that I could use to connect to the raspberry device