[Solved] Data Flow of The Matrix Creator demos

When i run direction of arrival demo in the Matrix hal. It is working well. But i have a confusion that how the data is flowing from MEMS to Algorithm. If anyone could understand the process help me.

Hi @reddynayak,

The data from the MEMS microphones is read and demodulated by the FPGA (from PDM to PCM). Then the data is read by the software running in the Raspberry Pi using SPI (in this case the HAL Layer) . The information is then processed in the MALOS layer using HAL.

Let me know if this is sufficient.


Thank you @yoelrc88 to the valuable information.

How can i ensure that .bit file corresponding Demodulation has been programmed ? If i want to change the Sampling frequency of the MEMS how could i do? If data is coming from the SPI, How we are using GPIO’s of FPGA?

The demo here shows you how to change the sampling frequency if you are using HAL.

For the gpio access using HAL there is a demo here