[Solved] Does Matrix creator compatible with Pi touchscreen?


I just got a new Pi touchscreen and want to implement some code with the matrix creator at the same time. However, I noticed that every time when I plug in the creator (which using all the pins on Pi) and connect the Pi touchscreen to Pi through a micro usb, the pi touchscreen is not working properly, it cannot go into normal GUI.

I just want to make sure whether the matrix is not working with touchscreen or not?

This little symbol here shows that is detecting no enough power


  • What power adapter are you using?
  • Normally we recommend at least 2.5 Amps power supply to use with the MATRIX Creator but maybe in this case you need more. Also, it depends on what would you be doing with the Pi and connecting to it.
  • Looks like the display itself can take ~500mA ( from here)

Okay, now I use two separate power supplies to power pi and touchscreen, and the little symbol is not there anymore. But the same issue happens, the touchscreen cannot work and GUI is not shown up.

Ca you share specifically what screen are you using?

Hi, @yoelrc88, that’s just the official 7’’ Pi touchscreen provided by Raspberry Pi.
However I make it works now.
I found that I enable the serial port in Pi (raspi-config), once I disable that, everything works fine. (Although I’m not sure why).

Glad it worked!. I don’t have access to that display now so I can’t really test.

Please share here if you find what was causing this.

I will mark this topic as solved, let me know if you are ok with that.