[Solved] Electronic noise from microphone

when I launch micarray_recorder.cpp from https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-hal/tree/master/demos, I found that there are lots of electronic noise in the recorded file.
Is that normal? The audio quality of microphones seems not good. Is there anything I can do to make thing better?

ps: I tried to keep the room very quiet and do the recording.

@GoodLife, have tried moving it from above a cup to above a cardboard box to ensure no current flows through
for some reason, this helped and now I’m getting lesser electronic noise.

I think perfectly grounding it, leveling it, and so forth may help.
(I wouldn’t know how to achieve it though)

I tried exactly same thing as you memtioned, but the noise is still really there.
When I import the sound I record into matlab and plot signal in frequency domain,

I find that there are some peaks, and notice that the period between two keaks is around 120hz, which is twice of the frequency of power supply.

So is this the normal behaviour?

Interesting @GoodLife,

Can you send us the raw audio? Also Have you tried to do a similar recording in a different room ?
Looking forward to your response.


I just noticed that the data is labeled as home.wav and lab.wav. Does that means that are to recording from to different places ?


and yes, I tested microphone both in my lab and home

sorry, This text editor doesn’t allow me to upload a .raw or .wav file

Did you tried to upload it as a zip file ? Also can be the dat file from matlab.

Nope it doesn’t work

Ok, I just sent you an invite to you email.

I have same problem, so the mic_demo can not work fine :frowning: Any cure???

Hi @H.T.D,

Can you please describe you problem with the microphones. Are you able to record anything?


Yes, I play music with cell phone around the Matrix Creator, the music volume at 20%. The Matrix Creator could recorded the music sound, but the electronic noise is much louder.

Ok, Can you record that and share files here ?
You can use this guide for recording https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/Hardware/microphone/


Ok, here is the result.
I notice that channel_7 has loudest electronic noise.

Did you kill malos before recording ?
sudo killall malos

Oops, I didn’t.
After kill malos, it works fine :smiley: Thank you.

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Great !
Glad to hear that.


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would anybody be able to help me with the electrical noise im hearing inside my vocal recording? very annoying and i have no idea how to stop or get rid of it???

Sure @shawn1995,
You can open a new post with the details of your setup. Maybe also include some recordings with that noise.