[Solved] How do i access gpio when matrix is attached?

The pinout for the matrix voice and the Pi is here:

https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/matrix-voice/resources/pinout/ 2

so i scrutinized the list and it seems the matrix voice does indeed use a lot of the gpio pins. But from what i gather, the following gpio pins on the pi are not used by matrix voice

Unused on the internal row of pins on the pi
GPIO5(pin 29),GPIO13(pin 33),GPIO19(pin 35),GPIO26(pin 37)
on the outside row of pins on the pi
GPIO8(pin 24),GPIO7(pin26),GPIO12(pin 32), GPIO16(pin 36),GPIO20(pin 38), GPIO21(pin 40)

These pins I just listed had no functions for the matrix voice but they are not accessible from the header on the voice! The header on the voice provides connections only to the FPGA on the voice - none are pass through to the pi. So how do I connect my servos to the pi?

Do you have to specifically use the pins in the Raspberry Pi connector?
You can use additional GPIO MATRIX Voice has for servo control.

Can you give me an example of python code on the pi that would address a specific gpio on the matrix?

Hi @skypickle. If you have MATRIX CORE installed and setup Python, you can use the Python GPIO and servo examples we provide. Both examples are set to use the first pin (DF0) on your MATRIX device. Let us know if you have any more questions.