[Solved] How do I get started exactly?

I see a bunch of things, which I don’t really understand here. Ultimately I want to get started writing some javascript to sue the sensors and LEDs and such.

What is confusing is that there is MatrixOS, MatrixCLI, etc… Is there something that explains what all these are so I know what I need?

For example, the CLI instructions say it should be installed on a client computer, and there is some registration which needs happens. If I just want to do javascript on my Pi3 with Matrix, do I still need to do that?



I’m confused too.

Can someone point out what should be installed were.

As far as i understood:

  1. we have to install MatrixOS on PI
  2. and MatrixCLI on client machine.

what i didn’t get was how to write and deploy apps on the raspberry.

also could i get some pointer to example app?

I agree, I like the promise of the device, and it looks like a lot of work has gone into it. But I just can’t really figure out how to get started. Everything seems to assume you already understand what apps are, and how to run them…

I was sort of just looking for some JS APIs but maybe those don’t exist…



@ScottChapman @daadu
Ok guys, the Matrix Creator Software side is still in Alpha Release so …no simple way to play with it.
The resourses are still very atomic so you will have (like me) to bounce from GitHub to the Doc (wip).
I can point you to the “2” quick-start resources :

If you want to know who do what : Glossary

For the moment, the simplest way to use your MC is :

Thanks, I was hoping I could figure out how to just do some simple JS like it seems like is documented here: https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/API/sensors/

I don’t think I really need all the infrastructure it looks like is being built like the ZeroMQ messaging layer , etc…

If someone has a simple example of javascript on top of the MatrixOS that would be a super-useful start.

I understand @ScottChapman the API is quite neat “but” infortunatelly actually instable an incomplete :-/
If you succeed to connect to your MC throw the actual architecture (crypted key, firebase validation etc…) you have 3 examples here : https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-os/tree/master/apps

OK, that’s a bummer about the API not being useful yet.

In the meantime, I think I get the concept of this app. What are the Matrix commands I need to use this? I assume I just copy this to my pi (or client) and do a matrix deploy and then matrix start to get the app running.

But in the app it implies that there are widgets and such. Is there an HTTP service that runs?

Maybe for the short term that might a useful thing to document; how to take one of these apps, get it running and use it?

I just pulled the latest HAL and it don’t even compile.

Hi @rkeithbeal,

I just tested here form fresh and everything is working ok. Can you describe better you test?


Hi @JaNe

As the others, just hope you can improve the JS API docs quickly… The JS test mic array example looks good but without a full well documented API to work/play with it, I waste a lot of time as we are very limited by only few example.
I would like to see all the option to play with the Mic.
That was my first criteria for why i got a MatrixCreator.

If you want more people to get a Matrix, I recommend to improve your documentation first, at least for the microphone, as it’s the only concrete hardware composants on the Matrix which can be used in the real situation, for the others components , you need an extra camera module and the LED circle is useless for the moment as it will be great if we got the offer to have at least a case for the Matrix+Pi combined.

Even it’s an alpha, i expect that i will be able to use it at home for controlling my light with the voice, Even without a case i could use it on real situation.

For the moment, I have to unfortunately stop using the MatrixCreator because i have no time to follow up your update without a full API documentation.

Please put a dedicated newsletter for documentation update as when i received your update by email, the first section i visit is the documentation of the mic array in JS (Malos i suppose and not CLI) but since September, i got in progress

An example of what i’m looking for as a good example of documentation…

Full details of each method possibility and examples and output responses.

Thanks as indeed Matrix as a big potential

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Hi @LengZai, thank you for your message “but” Im not in the Dev Team
I follow this project since +2months and to be able to play with my MC I dug into the code (+ submit some Issues and PR)
Past month I wrote a mail with similar concern to the Brand Manager. I know there lauch strategy could be better. I also know they are a small but dedicated team. In one line: “we have to be patient”

For info I received this mail yesterday (11.24.16) Annoncing the App Store Lauch

Haha @JaNe
Sorry =P didn’t realize that.

Thanks for your comments.
Yes, still looking forward to go further with Matrix.

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Hi Folks,
just tried to bring up the MC today… Installed the SW and followed the instructions from here:

I compiled all the demos OK but suspicious then the frimware version demo returned 0x0?
IP address demo seems to work
I ran arc_demo and the board lights up but very random LED patterns…some LEDs stay off?

pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-creator-hal/build/demos $ ls
arc_demo             everloop_demo   Makefile             sensors_demo
CMakeFiles           firmware_info   micarray_alsa_pipes  servo_demo
cmake_install.cmake  gpio_demo       micarray_recorder    uv_demo
compass_demo         ipaddress_demo  mic_demo
driver               ir_demo         mic_energy
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-creator-hal/build/demos $ cd ..
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-creator-hal/build $ demos/firmware_info
MCU ID = 0x0
MCU version = 0x0
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-creator-hal/build $ demos/ipaddress_demo
lo IP Address
eth0 IP Address
show last integer: 200
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-creator-hal/build $ demos/arc_demo

Any Ideas?


Guys I just read the post about power issues:

Sounded like my issue…especially LED behavior.
Just change the power supply and guess what …it works!
Make sure you have a very supply for this board. I’m using a 2.5A supply I use for my tablet.


LED demos working fine but nothing from the sensors…just returns “0”. Perhaps something with the SPI bus? It is enabled but who knows. If I get is working I’ll let you how.


Thanks for the update but can you clarify something for me? What did you mean by a “very supply” in the last line?

Hi @Flynnprgmmr

sorry very good supply with low ripple. I see its been discussed in a few other place here.



Hey @ScottChapman @JaNe @LengZai @daadu,

Sorry for the confusion. We’ve developed several layers of technology that let you interact with the hardware. People use it at all levels, and it’s hard to portray the interactions with each, so I’ll try to explain it in one post (maybe this can turn into the documentation starter). If you guys think there’s something additional missing from this, let me know. I would love more feedback.

We’ve developed the software/hardware so you can operate the MATRIX Creator and your Pi in several ways.

Novice & Intermediate (Or JS Preference, Apps, JS APIs).

Intermediate (No App Structures, JS Example)

Note: protobuffers used, 0MQ used.


Program MCU, FPGA, integrations, etc… If you want to go this route:

Ecosystem Overview

Here’s a diagram that may help how everything’s connected.

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Thanks, that helps a little bit. But what are the steps to get one of the sample apps running? It would be useful to have an end-to-end example that walks you through installing what you need where you need it, and how to go about installing and running one of the sample apps.

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Hey @ScottChapman, wrote this up for you:

Run this on your Raspberry Pi. Should take you from 0-100%, and restart the Pi for you.

For use without the CLI, or OS, you can use just 0MQ and Protobuf which is agnostic to any language. Those examples in Javascript are here: https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-malos/tree/master/src/js_test

Otherwise, install the MATRIX CLI on your PC (you’ll need this if you want to install apps).
npm install matrix-cli -g

On your PC, register your account and log in:

matrix register
// go through registration

matrix login
// go through login

Then register your device:
matrix register device

Then add the environment variables that get generated.

# Place in .envrc file or place in ~/.bash_profile to auto configure
export MATRIX_DEVICE_ID=dc7a1a71be2d
export MATRIX_DEVICE_SECRET=08629018e9d77h15i5n0t4r3alz0f06cd4f7e5544272b

Then start everything:

cd matrix-os;
NODE_ENV=rc node index.js

At this point you’re up and running, find your device, use it, and then install stuff to it.

matrix list devices
matrix use dc7a1a71be2d
matrix install life 
// or matrix deploy test apps from https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-srcjs-apps