[Solved] How to improve mic sensitivity


i got the alexa-avs-sample-app running but my voice is only recogniced when i am very close abount 10 cm to the maxtrix voice.

How can i change the gain or sensitivity of the mic-array?


The default gain should be pretty good but if you like to increase it a bit here is a tip.

The mics gain control is alreadyimplemented in HAL in the class microphone_array. The right place to add this in the alexa demo is in the wakeword app. In the WakeWordAgent.cpp line 79 you could add some code for this :

void WakeWordAgent::mainLoop() {

  hal::WishboneBus bus;


  hal::Everloop everloop;
  hal::EverloopImage image1d;
  hal::MicrophoneArray mics;


After this just make and run the demo again. test different gains 2,3,… to see wish one is better.

You can also try this @spacemishka.

Thank you

i tried this. What is Channel 8? Is this the combined?

Yes, the channel_8 is the output of the beamforming. So, the noise in channel_0 can affect channel_8 too. Again, this should be fixed in next release.

thanks for your support.

And good night :slight_smile:

How far away is the next release? :slight_smile:

in general my Voice will recognice me when i am closer than 40cm. What to do?

@spacemishka, @spacemunkey77,

The release is here !

check out Kevin post here

Let me know how it goes after the update.