[Solved] IR LED array for camera

The description of the Matrix Creator lists an IR LED ring for use with a Pi Noir camera.
I could not find any description of these IR LEDs in the documentation.
Only the Tx and Rx IR LED’s are demonstrated.

Is there a way to control the IR LED ring for the camera (GPIO, …) ?

Hi @sprik, the documentation is not clear about this.

Currently the IR Ring is connected to the IR TX form the Pi. You should be able to use the IR Ring by changing the logic level of the IR_TX that is mapped to the GPIO13 (Pin33) on the Raspberry Pi connector.
You can see this in these files:

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Yoel,

it works.

Enclosed a small Python script that takes a snaphot with and without the IR LED on.

Works in GPIO.BOARD and GPIO.BCM mode.



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