[SOLVED] Matrix-creator-alexa-voice-demo

I followed instruction from here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-DIY-Amazons-Alexa-With-a-Raspberry-Pi-and-/?ALLSTEPS

The last step is to open browser at http://HOST_NAME.local:5000 but I have Raspian Lite,
Is it possible to do this demo without pixel?

Hi @adrianlee,

In that step you can go to a browser in you computer too. Just use the Raspberry Pi ip in the address:



Okay thanks @yoelrc88 , do you have any idea why that page does not open for me?

  • They are in the same lan
  • hostname is correct
  • avs web security profile has the same address as instructed

EDIT: seems to be router problem with hostanames, got it working with IP