[Solved] Matrix-creator-hal broken again?

I had a semi-working install of the HAL running. The sensor_demo gave reasonable answers for the temperature, humidity, and uv index. Everloop demo working. But no reporting from any of the directional sensors, roll and pitch stuck at 0 yaw at 180. Also no accelerator data. No magnetic data.

So I updated all of the software packages and now I have nothing. All sensors reporting 0, and the ever loop demo doesn’t work.



Hi @stwf,

We updated some packages yesterday . Can you run :
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

and test again ?

Let us know if this helps.


sorry, no didn’t help. what packages should have been updated?

OK, I just tried again and there was an upgrade for matrixio-creator-init waiting and it did get things working again!