[Solved] Matrix creator play audio


Is it possible to play audio in malos?. The line - player.play(‘laugh.mp3’,function(err){}) should be working but its not playing the audio through speaker connected to raspberry pi. I’ve checked the speaker and its able to play audio. Is there any setup to be done to play audio from matrix creator?
p.s : i’ve tried changing the dirname by giving full location and as above but it doesn’t work.

Thank you

could you be more precise? what are running? is this an example, where is that line and so on. maybe reference the github page.

i made it working. I need to add omxplayer to the player.play line to play it locally thanks a lot
player.play (‘audio.mp3’,{omxplayer:[’-o’,‘local’]})

Glad that is working. If you have more questions please provide more details about the problem.