[Solved] Matrix Voice CAD drawings?

Hi friends,
I’d like to design a proper enclosure for my Matrix VOICE project (once I have it up and running, that is).
Do you have any existing CAD drawing available for the Matrix VOICE? I tried to measure the board, but it doesn’t seem to be very symmetric.
I know it is out there for the Creator, but I would need the Voice version.

This would be great, I am planning to build a 3D-Printable box for it!

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Guys, you must have these drawings - is it a copyright thing that you don’t want to share them or???

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Hello @OPK and @SpaceGlider

The matrix Voice step file is here: https://github.com/matrix-io/matrixio-models/blob/master/matrixio-voice.step


Kevin Patino

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Excellent. Top header is missing, but that is no issue.
Big thanks for making it available!!