[Solved] Matrix Voice ESP32 - Connect to ESP32 UART to phone via USB?

In general, it is possible to connect via microUsb to ESP32 as a com port. I want to connect on a wire to the android device

You could access the UART pins on the ESP32 and use a FTDI board to connect it, but you will have to solder on the board! Not recommended :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate a bit more?

Thanks for the advice.
I looked in the description of HAL and that’s what I found there at the end of the manual

" ESP32 serial monitor is attached to the ttyS0 in the Rasberry Pi. Configure the ttyS0 serial port as:"

Most likely, the serial from the ESP32 is connected to GPIO14 GPIO15 to Pi connector.
Unfortunately, I did not find any schematic the Matrix Voice with ESP32

Correct, you can check the connection here https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/matrix-voice/resources/pinout/.

The TX and RX pins from the ESP32 go through the FPGA and then go to the Raspberry Pi connector pins GPIO14 and GPIO15 as you said. You should be able “talk” to the ESP32 using UART, powering the MATRIX Voice using the microUSB connector (without using a Pi connected).

Let me know if this helps



Thanks, the good advice. The Matrix command created good resources.
Only it is not clear whether it is possible to powering board not on microusb, what it is better to select 3.3 on 1 or 5 on the 2nd contacts and respectively on 6 - the earth
I want to try to use voice in the project like this https://youtu.be/Zg5EJdwPSFI
or on IoT like this https://youtu.be/VOrd1nLxKzw

Yes, you should be able to power the board using the 3.3v and 5v pin in the 40pins connector.

Be careful! :slight_smile: