[SOLVED] RPI Connector Pinout


Could you please add a pinout for the connector to the RPI similar to


Hi @schuschu ,

I am attaching some file that can be useful for you.
Let us know what you are trying to do , maybe we can help :slight_smile:


###ucf files of the FPGA firmware

sch of the Rasp Pi header on the Matrix Creator


I was just trying to recreate the first half of the Alexa Demo (the IR “gesture” detection) but I could not figure it out from the python code. Luckily I found the pins in the micarray dump C portion of the program. However this showed that without knowledge of the used pins stuff gets a bit messy pretty quickly. Even your screenshot would not tell my how to enable the IR LED ring (but I noticed it goes on whenever the RPI is down, so I assumed it was a GPIO pin).

I hope this makes my reasons a bit clearer and maybe if I read the comments in the ucf I would have known ^^ (sadly i only read the pin of the FPGA and searched for it in the expansion header facepalm)