[Solved] Speaker connector specs for Matrix Voice

What are the specs of the speaker connectors on the Matrix Voice?

Hi @OrsonAround,

here is the link with the specs of the male connector used on the board. And this one is the matching female connector.

Here are some link with the specs you need :

With these links, you should be able to access mechanical specs in the datasheets.

Would this work?

PX4 APM2.x Pixhawk cable DF13 Connector wiring wire 250mm 2P 3P 4P 5P 6P 7P 10P

Edit: the supplier says it has the correct pitch. I’ll confirm once it arrives.

Looks similar but it doesn’t have all the specs. Especially Pitch 0.049" (1.25mm)

So, not sure.

I’ve asked the supplier and he confirmed the pitch is 1.25mm. I ordered the cable and will let you know if it works!

Great! Let us know how your project goes.

I will!

Are there any speakers you would recommend?

Have you tried using the speaker out on the matrix voice? I can’t get it to work from the raspberry pi.

But anything similar (4 ohms & 3W) should work.

The connectors I bought from Aliexpress, see post above, arrived and work perfectly!

Glad to hear that @SpaceGlider.
Feel free to share here the progress of your project!

Hi !

Could you please tell me which are - and + pins (I can’t find matrix voice pcb layout :sneezing_face: ) ?


Hi @Piscenois,

If you look at the back of your MATRIX Voice, the side of the DF13 male connectors with the little “+” sign is the positive side.


Hi Samreen,

Sorry for my bad eyes … I didn’t see the sign ! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


once i have wired the speakers to the board (speaker to cable, cable to female connector, female connector to male connector), does the onboard amp handle the rest? more specifically, do i need to add my own amp or draw my own power source for the speaker? the latter, i realize, is a little dumb but a genuine question.

this has been resolved