[Solved] Voice LED control with Alexa Script

Hello folks!
I was able to setup Matrix Voice script with Alexa script. The LED’s start blank (great), spin around red when listening (great), turn blue on the response (great), but don’t go back to clear afterwards. Is there a way I can get someone to update the scripts to reset the LED’s after a successful AWS reply?


you can modify the wakeWordAgent e.g. like this and try if this works better for you:

--- a/samples/wakeWordAgent/src/WakeWordAgent.cpp
+++ b/samples/wakeWordAgent/src/WakeWordAgent.cpp
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ void WakeWordAgent::mainLoop() {
           for (hal::LedValue& led : image1d.leds) {
             led.red = 0;
             led.green = 0;
-            led.blue = 50;
+            led.blue = 0;
             led.white = 0;

and then recomplile it with:

cd alexa-avs-sample-app/samples/wakeWordAgent/src

That totally worked. If I knew more about the c++ code I’d totally add it to the src code. Another idea might be to create a LED “chase” while the voice is awaiting feedback from AWS.

Thanks for the guide, it was super helpful. Really glad I bought in to the project!


I didn’t find anything when I looked at it briefly. It seems the wakeword agent is not getting such a message.