[SOLVED] Where can I find mechanical data?

I’d like to make a custom case. I can’t find mechanical data for the PCB and it’s interfaces to the Pi and so on. Do you have CAD available anywhere?

Hi Jon,

Here are the files you need https://storage.googleapis.com/matrix-assets/Matrix_Creator_Mechanical_Files.tar.gz.
Please write us If you have any problem using the files.

Can’t wait to see your case !! Please share here in the community.


Thanks Yoel!

You really need a simple mechanical drawing too but that’s ok, I know you have a lot on the ToDo list and I can work it out. But I have another question: The mounting holes look a bit random. I can see the two holes to mount the Pi, then there is one at 12 o’clock and one at 3 o’clock, but then the 4 at the bottom look like they might be intended for something. Can you give me some insight? I don’t want to use a hole that is intended for an accessory to mount to the case.



Hi Jon, you can use the holes at 12, 3 and the three at the bottom. Use M3 nylon spacers and screws.

Share a photo after you finish !


Here are some photos of a case we designed here. If anyone would like I’d be happy to share the design files. Google Album

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Wow !!! That design is amazing !! It will be really good for the community if you share it on twitter at https://twitter.com/matrix_creator or any other platform you like.

Tell us if we can help with anything in your project.


This is Amazing!

@philpeterman please share the files :slight_smile:

Can you share through github/thingiverse?

– Andrés

No worries I’ll post them tomorrow and put a link here.

Here’s a link to the github repo with the top and bottom halves of the case.

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Hi @philpeterman,

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to create an awesome case for MATRIX Creator. Surely many Creators out there will use it to house their device!



I believe you will need to use M2.5 threaded standoffs and screws. M3 will not fit the Pi.