Sound direction determination

Is it possible to determine the direction when sound comes from. I have a future project that needs this.

Here is an example in c++:

Too a long time to read this so the “show Originl” is no longer working. Is it possible to get the code again?

I want to start a RPi project using the Matrix to - among other things - determine the direction
of a sound.
I wonder is it would be possible to analize the sound? i.e. for a dog bark, voices, stealthy movements etc.

You can also try ODAS for get direction of arrival of sounds. ODAS is an open source library for sound source localization, tracking, separation and post-filtering. There is a guide in Hackster on how to set up the MATRIX Creator or Voice to run ODAS, please see here Direction of Arrival for MATRIX Voice/Creator Using ODAS


the demo has changed, but i would recommend to use the ODAS example, as Yoel mentioned.
here is the new file:

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