[Sovled] Portable battery -- random LED light up when startup

I purchased this power bank since I want to use my matrix creator in a portable setup.

When I use 2.5A supply power adapter, nothing will happen when startup (normal); on the other hand, when I use the portable power bank (2A supply), random LEDs will turn on for 1~3 seconds and then turn off.

Although all other functionalities seems fine, I am afraid that I might damage the board. Any plausible explanation why there is a difference in startup behavior between using portable power bank and power adapter (wall plug)?

Hi @superaylean,

The reason that happens is because the power bank is not supplying the device with 5V when it first turns on. This could be because there is a spike in power usage when it turns on which causes the voltage to decrease or because the power bank takes a split second to get to 5V.

Either way you it won’t damage the board and you should be fine!

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Also, make sure not to set the LEDs to full brightness for your application with the portable battery so as not to consume too much power and take away resources from the Pi.

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