Speaker connector


does the speaker connectors work on the matric voice? does calling the wav file needs a different command from the jack one? and finally how to raise the volume as well ?
thanks in advance.

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Hi @mirame,

Yes, you can use the speaker DF13 connectors on the MATRIX Voice. It is the same commands as the audio jack as mentioned in this post.

To select the speaker connector & raise their volume, you can type alsamixer in your terminal, then press F6, and select the MATRIXIO-SOUND card as shown below.

There, you should find a Master_Playback_Switch control. You should be able to change “headphone” to “speaker” on it by using the up or down arrow keys. You can adjust Playback_Volume to the right for volume control.


ok thank you. the problem it did not work with me because alsa is not saving the configuration after boot up. thanks :slight_smile:

is there a way I can modify the sound.conf file to make as default the speaker and not the headphone that I want?because you do not specify which MASTER PLAYBACK SWITCH we want(whether headphone or speaker) and it always takes headphone as default

Hey @mirame,

To set the speaker as the default playback device for your MATRIX Voice audio output, type the following in your terminal.

amixer -c 2 set Master_Playback_Switch Speaker

After that, it should be speaker by default on every boot.

To make it full-proof, you can add the above line to the end of the file /etc/rc.local, which will run the above command on boot and set the speaker to the default MATRIX Voice audio out every time. The file will look something like the image below.

Hope this helps!