Speaker connectors Matrix Voice still not usable?

Any news on how these can be used in a simple way, without the need for conversion? When reading the original specs of the board, I was under the impression that speakers could just be plugged into the speaker connectors… Now after many many months and having ordered the special little connector cables, im also crossing that off the list of possibilities of this board, or did I miss something? Im looking (sinds long) to get this working with Kitt_ai. And any hint or breadcrumb would be appreciated :wink:

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Looks like they are working on it and it will show up in alsamixer at some point…

So doesnt work yet. Ok, thx.

Some time elapsed; is there any news on this topic please?

I’m looking forward to this also.

I have the Matrix Voice working with a Pi Zero and Mycroft, all I need is audio out to complete my project/smart speaker.

Hello McFly… anybody home?