Speaker on Matrix Creator

Hi, I’d like to use the matrix for a home automation project or as an Amazon Echo… but I don’t think there is a speaker on it. What would be the recommended way of adding one?

Any help would help.

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hey @mseth you’ll want to purchase an external powered speaker that plugs into a RPI2 RPI3 audio port.


@mseth @jonathanpeterwu you can actually do this with the matrix creator , we have a post on instructables right now --> instructables.com/id/Build-a-DIY-Amazons-Alexa-With-a-Raspberry-Pi-and-/

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No speaker? I had not really thought of that… a bit of a problem. But at that size, it would probably not be an adequate speaker anyway. How about a Bluetooth speaker? Is that an option?

You can connect any active speaker to rasperry pi, there is an standard 3.5mm audio jack. Also bluetooth speaker is possible, see:

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It is likely to be connected to a TV with HDMI, and I take it that would work as well then? Probably with the option to chose which speakers to send the output to?

Or though Chromecast


Hi. I tried to use this node module (https://github.com/shime/play-sound) and play some mp3, but only terrible noise from the speaker when I play mp3. Speakers are connected through 3.5mm jack.
I have also seen that there is a “matrix.play()” method in matrix-os that is not fully implemented. There may be a report with my problem?

sorry, my fault. With a wav file, work correctly. I think that I must install somthing like a decoder, for mp3.