Specific microphones

In the context of that, the Matrix provides a beamformed as an outcome of the function .Beam, and it is represented as Channel 8 on the code example for recording audio files. Is it possible to produce an audio file (beamformed) taken specific microphones (e.g., mic 1 and 2 only, instead of all 8 microphones as it currently happens)?

Hi @netzahdzc,

Our MATRIX HAL beamforming algorithm uses the delay sum method and you could technically modify it to work for less than 8 mics. There is no way to do that right now without code modifications which you could make and test by compiling from source.

What application do you need this for? Curious since beamforming with less mics would not be as effective.


Hi @Samreen, thank you for your answer. I am just playing around with the directionality of the sound’s source.

Right now, I bumped into another question. Why are we capturing audio from 9 different channels, if we only have an array of 8 microphones?

In this code, we have channels from 0 to 8, hence 9.



Channel 0 to 7 come from each individual mic, channel 8 is the beamformed output from all 8 mics that comes from the .Beam function.