Spectrum of Matrix Voice

Just to be sure before buying, can the matrix voice with ODAS localize the whole room up-bottom-360 degrees?
I saw the demo that it can it can localize the voice from 360 degrees around it(from the same height), and I saw the ODAS screenshots of “half a sphere” of the sounds from the room (from the top of the device 360 degrees).
I guess it’s because it the device was put on a table, so the sounds from below the table were not localized. but what if you put the device on a tripod or something similar. can it localize the sounds from the below?
I hope my long question was clear enough.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @miko,

If I remember correctly, the sound localization is only from the top because that’s the direction our microphones are facing.

Hope this answers your question and welcome to the community!