SPI Channels-Interfaces & Full Pinout?

I have some doubts about the use of the SPI interface of the RPI3 and its connection with the matrix creator hal (everloop and arc_demo mainly)

  1. Is it possible to enable and use the second SPI connection of the RPI3 (pins: 35,36,38,40) to connect another slave for example?
  2. Which library in C ++ controls the SPI of the matrix-creator-hal demos?
  3. Where can I find the complete ucf for the 40 pin RPI-Matrix connector, since only some basic pins (SPI0, UART, I2C) are found?

The RPI3 pins can be viewed interactively here: https://en.pinout.xyz/pinout/spi

Thank you very much

Hi, @Nelson32

Raspberry Pi just has one SPI interface with two CE. Regarding source code for SPI you could check matrix-creator-hal.

Also the FPGA source code is available in matrix-creator-fpga.