SSL-Error on and problems with


The SSL certificate of seems to have been expired on the 22nd of November. Is the project dead?
And all tutorials that guide you to use apt-get to install from seems to be dead as well.
Downloading the packages manually through seems to work…

Thanks for any hints

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Hi Mario,
i got same issue with certificates.
Can you explain how to get the packages?
I only see a list of package-information. But I dont know where are the desired Files are located.

Morning Simon

In the Packages file you find the information for the filenames (lines starting with "Filename: "
Take this paths and prepend them with “” so you get the packages. E.g.

Hope that helps


Thank you for your quick reply.
Im going to try this.


Hey there,

Old thread, but how did you download everything in the Packages file at once? I’ve done all the prepending in the file as you mentioned, but I’m not sure what to do next to actually install all these files in my Pi.

Thanks in advance,


Old is in the time of the internet a relative term ;-). But here an answer:
I didn’t not yet install and try it myself and thus just downloaded one package for test reasons. But if you need all the packages you can download them and then locally you install them with “dpkg -i .deb” as root user or with sudo.

Hope that helps

yeah; installation is broken; I get errors following the directions that it’s missing release info, etc.

There is certainly a lot of interesting info at:

But how to go from that to a working invocation of “apt-get install …” is getting very non-trivial…

After messing around with it for about 1/2 an hour, I’m wondering: can the package just be rebuilt from the sources?

thanks in advance