Stacking Hifiberry amp and Matrix Voice



I am building a Smart Speaker where I want to add a voice assistant, currently working with snips.
I am planning to use a HiFiberry amp2, and I was wondering if it is possible to stack a Matrix Voice on-top of the hifiberry ?


Hi @tproulund,

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I found this page which at first talks about how they can’t guarantee functionality with other boards since factors that are difficult to pinpoint could affect this. This makes sense. I also haven’t tried this myself so can’t give you more data about that.

If you scroll down, they have a section that talks about which Raspberry Pi pins are used by the Hifiberry amp2. None of those pins are used by the MATRIX Voice, even if they are internally connected, so theoretically, this could work.

While I can’t guarantee that the MATRIX Voice will work with the Hifiberry amp2, I don’t think it would damage the MATRIX Voice to try it unless there’s an unexpected voltage spike or something of the sort.

Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it out.



Hi Samreen

Thanks for the quick answer, so definitely a good start that there is no conflict with the pins

But how is the sound transmitted from the Matrix to the RPI? I know the Hifiberry is using I2C, is this also the protocol the Matrix is using or is it done in a different way?



The MATRIX Voice uses SPI to send audio data to the Pi so there should be no conflict there either.