Still waiting for indiego perk

announced for shipment in the last month…still waiting to get my perk… i getting bored. When can i expect the delivery?


Hello 4zap,

Please see our latest update on Indiegogo here.

I have also added the latest update below for your convenience.

Dear MATRIX Voice Backers,

One of the important milestones for these kind of boards is certification. We are in constant communication with the test house and last week, we received an update from the test house that a slight change needed to be made to the RAM on the MATRIX Voice so we quickly made the change and had a small expedited new batch of MATRIX Voice’s made. We are finalizing in-house tests prior to sending them back to the test house, which we believe will be the final version of the hardware that will ultimately be certified. We have certified products several times before (including the much more complex MATRIX Creator) and minor revisions are sometimes needed.

We are confident the MATRIX Voice will pass certification and are anxiously awaiting the final stage at the test house in order to procure components and start production. We should hear back from the test house in 1-3 weeks and after taking into account the typical lead times for procuring the components and manufacturing we are projected to start shipping MATRIX Voice in late September, early October. We will keep you posted as we know delivery time is of utmost importance for everyone.

In parallel we have been working on several demos so that you can immediately follow some valuable guides to start using your MATRIX Voice.

Below is a video of the pre-certification MATRIX Voice with the new updated components (3.5mm audio jack, a Micro USB port, 3W audio output with a speaker connector, the 2nd tier Spartan 6 FPGA that has about 2x the DSP cores, upgraded to 64MB of RAM, and an 8th microphone) as well as a an updated look at the MATRIX Voice running Amazon Alexa.

Thank you all for your support.



Feel free to email if you have anymore questions.

Thank you,