Strange values for humidiy and pressure

I am using the HAL sensors_demo to display the sensor information, but I get some values that are definitely wrong:

humidity = 261.518 %
temperature (from humidity sensor) = 41.014 °C

pressure = 96165 kPa
altitude = 438.562 meters
temperature (from altimeter) = 37.6875 °C

UV = 0.00803213

MCU ID = 0x10
MCU version = 0x161026

A humidity of 262% is completely wrong. 26.2 % could be correct in my room (need to check this with another sensor). Also the pressure is wrong but this maybe is only a problem of the displayed unit. The altitude is correct. So I think it’s just the wrong unit that is displayed in the sample.

I get sensible values for humidity, and the value went up during a recent rain and down again after. But the values I get for yaw are all wrong. Pitch and roll is fine. Also my mics produce audio with some serious noise, much worse than others’ samples I’ve compared.

Could it be some sort of hardware problem that manifests differently for different people?

Hi @marshallspight,

Can you describe the noise or share an audio files?
Are you recording the audio using HAL example?



I am using MALOS CORE and running JS examples and I am getting similar values, how did you fix that?