This app DOES exist

I keep getting this error when trying to start an app.

I can run the clock app.
Seems that is the only one though.

it’s case sensitive, try again with the capital letters pls
i’ve tried here, use capital letters, it will work matrix start HumidityColorPicker
This happen because when starting an app the cli looks for the app id using it’s name, not the shortname (humiditycolorpicker)

Ok, that makes sense.
I have started with fresh install and using correct case works.

I am using device_id & device_secret from previous install.

I load them in .envrc, cd to matrix-os, node index.js (on pi)
On PC, I login, can start clock and HumidityColorPicker.

When I try sudo node index.js, it wants to connect with bluetooth, blue ring.
I use the app, it finds matrix, while filling out device name, ring is green, when I hit ok (save) ring turns red for a sec, then blue.

I can then add it again, same thing happens.

My list of devices are all offline, Red box on app says Not connected to a network Tap here to configure one.

Thanks for the help,

hi @cobbit have you type source .envrc after adding the device_id and secret? About the app, are you using the Android or iOS app?