Total reset of board and software?

I followed the instructions to set up CLI and the Raspberry Pi from the video and then deployed and ran the example app that makes the lights circulate around the board in blue. Everything worked fine.

I tried deploying another app, and now nothing works. I can still ping the device and the lights glow. I think the problem may have started when I deleted the directory with the app on the host machine and recreated it elsewhere and tried to deploy an app by the same name, but I’m not sure.

How can I reset everything involved (board, CLI install, Pi install, etc.) and start over? Also, is there anything being stored out on the internet, and if so, how do I delete/purge it?

You can follow these instructions here: to reinstall MOS and all dependecies. if i’ve understanded right u don’t need to reinstall your Pi. Just to make sure, you’re using CLI on your local machine, not on your Pi, right? About the contents being stored, yes, when you create a device this is stored. If you want to delete it, you can delete via CLI with matrix delete your-device-id