Trouble logging in via command prompt

Using command prompt on windows 10. Credentials are not working even though I am registered. Not sure what I am missing.

Following this tutorial:
Is there a different server now?

That video is somewhat out of date, I’d recommend following the instructions given to you here:

This should give you no problems, but if you encounter any, feel free to contact me or the community!

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Thank you. But, still having the same issue. I had even tried changing the password.

Which step exactly are you getting stuck on?

I have Malos installed. I try to login and it doesn’t allow me to. I try to create account with the same credentials and it says the account already exists. But, it’s not taking the password I made.

Hi @Brums05 if you couldn’t resolve you can check if you are in the right environment. You can switch using matrix set env + the env (dev, prod, rc).