Unable to get Audio OUT to work outside of HDMI

Hi, new to Matrix Voice and hoping someone can help.


I edited Rhasspy setting to use Matrix Voice Audio. I am able to successfully recognize audio input via Porcupine wake word and a simple intent “What time is it”.

The issue is that I am unclear how to get a different AUDIO output? I would ideally like to use a external 3.5mm speaker but I cannot seem to edit this and tried the available posts online such as this: How can I use matrix voice speaker as standard audio output on Raspberry?

Does someone have a clear idea of the following:

  1. How do we exactly test Audio out and adjust. Can i just use Matrix Voice by itself or do i need external speakers? Right now I tried to plug in a small speaker directly to the Matrix Voice but this does not work.

  2. Is there a specific AUDIO OUT setup needed for the setup outlined above?


In my experience, the audio outputs do no work when the Matrix Voice is connected to a pi.
Also, the Pi has an audio out so why not plug a set of speaker in that output?

Thank you. I did try plugging direct the Pi output but seems it doesnt work.So with Rhasspy I would use Matrix Voice for input and then for Audio OUT I would just use the Headphones out in the Pi4 directly?

WIll try this, if there is any steps that can be followed to do this it would be great. I only seem to have HDMI option working. I also tried using sudo raspi-config
and I see HDMI and HEADPHONES and even changing that and then rebooting does not seem to work.


Yes, but you might need to test the output on the Pi4 first to check if it is working.
Then, select the correct audio output from Rhasspy.

Closing this topic. It seems I had to follow the specific sequence to get everything to work in case it helps others.

  • unplug the HDMI default USB
  • Plug the 3.5 MM Audio out to Pi as recommended above (versus the Matrix Voice)
  • sudo reboot
  • Edit Rhasspy alsa to use the right device/card from “aplay -l”. Note this varies per the manual.
  • Modify the MASTER_PLAYBACK_SWITCH of Matrix Voice to Headphones via “alsamixer”
  • Adjust Volume of Headphones in Alsamixer
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