Unable to start (client registration fail)

I’m getting this : Unable to start (client registration fail)
I am able to matrix deploy just fine, but i cannot start an application

PS C:\Users\gene> matrix deploy testApp
 ⣷ Reading  C:\Users\gene/testApp/
Writing  C:\Users\gene/.matrix/testApp.zip
lidating configuration file...
Successfully validated configuration file
 Requesting deploy...
 Processing deployment parameters...
 Deploying to device...
 Installing testApp on device...
 Application testApp was successfully installed!
Application installation SUCCESS

which is great! but then when I do

matrix start testApp

I get

C:\Users\gene> matrix start sensorTest
 Starting:  sensorTest dfef83f23d52
 Starting:  sensorTest
 Unable to start: sensorTest  (client registration fail)

Hi @sircambridge when you try to start right after deploying this error happens? Which version of the CLI are you working on? And can you run with the DEBUG=* flag on and show me the output?