Use Matrix Voice Audio Jack and Mic Array at the same time


hope i can describe my question right. I use the matrix voice with successful. The mic array works great, LEDs also, as speaker output is the raspi Jack used.

Now i test to play music by the speaker and talk at the same time to snips.
But it seems so that snips does nothing understand cause of the music (wich is not very loud). If i play music by my TV to the room it works.

Now my question. Would the result be better if i use the Jack from the matrix voice caus of internal routines who calculates the sound out of the mic? Like the Alexa or Google devices. Is there such a algorithm implementet?

Hope you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

O.k. Reply my self. The feature of the matrix voice is named “noise cancelling”. This means the audio output should cancelled out by the FPGA.

Now my question again. How can I use the audio jack from the matrix voice with And if I use it, works the promoted feature?

I hope matrix team does answer here! How can i play audio over the matrix voice audio jack with alsa? Think i must by a respeaker if the feature with ANC does not work.

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