Using HAL level C++ Programming

It’s been years since I programmed in C++, but I believe it will serve me well with the Matrix Creator.

Looking at the examples’ code, I’m good with it. What I don’t know is the recipe for "MAKE"ing a file.

Can anyone give me some bullets on how to alter and make a c++ file.

For example, if I were to change the temperature sensor readout in “sensors_demo.cpp” from C to F in the .cpp file source. What would I type to compile it into an executable that I could copy to a directory of choice?


the demos can be compiled with cmake as described in the repo, but you can do this also manually.
change the includes and compile it with g++

#include "fw_data.h"
#include "humidity_data.h"
#include "humidity_sensor.h"
#include "imu_data.h"
#include "imu_sensor.h"
#include "matrixio_bus.h"
#include "mcu_firmware.h"
#include "pressure_data.h"
#include "pressure_sensor.h"
#include "uv_data.h"
#include "uv_sensor.h"

g++ -o sensors_demo -I /usr/include/matrix_hal -O /usr/lib/ sensors_demo.cpp

you need the libmatrixio-creator-hal and libmatrixio-creator-hal-dev installed. if you are familar with other programming languages e.g. python, nodejs you can use this to access the devices.

Very nice-worked perfectly.