Using Matrix voice GPIO for controlling brightness of LED


I just wanted to know libraries needed for controlling led brightness which is interfaced with GPIO of Matrix Voice using PWM as I am using JS(JSON) for that. Thanks

Hello @ruchir1674 ,

If you are using JavaScript to program, you can use our new MATRIX Lite JavaScript library to use PWM for your external LEDs.


Hey @Samreen

Thanks for the reply. Please let me know as I already installed MOS on RPi is it ok to install Matrix lite with that. One more thing as I already created matrix core app directory is it right to install npm install @matrix-io/matrix-lite --save in that directory. Thanks in advance



We haven’t tried installing MATRIX Lite alongside MOS or MATRIX Core, but it technically shouldn’t break anything. You should be fine installing MATRIX Lite in the same directory as MATRIX Core.

You should, however, try to move away from MOS as it is being deprecated on February 28th at which point its functionality cannot be guaranteed. You can see the post about it here.


Thanks for letting me know