Using Matrix Voice with ESP32

Hello guys,

I’m currently working on a project where I’m using the Matrix Voice with ESP32 and I’ve no idea how to start working on that.

I need a button attached to the GPIO pins and if the button is pressed, the mics should listen until the button is released. The voice data then should be send to an HTTP reuqest from the ESP32. My questions:

  • is it possible to trigger the mics with a button ?
  • how I can programm the ESP32 ? Arduino ?
  • how I can access the microphone data from the ESP32 ?
  • are these things programmable with nodeJS or do I need C++ ?

Hopefully somebody can help, I’ve found nothing about this in the docs.

Hello @hengel2810,

We have some demos here that use the mics and the LEDs. The guide tells you how to setup your development environment for MATRIX Voice ESP32 version and how to program the ESP32 itself.

These demos for the ESP32 are only in C++. Although if you want you could use the MATRIX Voice with a Raspberry Pi and use our MOS that uses nodeJS.

Let me know if it helps.

Is there a possibility to trigger the microphone manually without keyword detection in nodeJS ? I would like to tap a button and record until the button loses focus. Everythig should work with nodeJS, is that possible ?

Interesting idea @hengel2810. These options come to my mind:

  • Use a clap sound detection or similar from nodejs
  • Use a physical button connected to the external GPIO on the MATRIX Voice.