Using matrix zigbee in openhab

Hi everyone
I’m working on smart home project , and my main problem is using matrix zigbee in openhab and control paired zigbee devices.
I’ve installed matrix-malos-zigbee and run test_zigbee.js. (
this script (test_zigbee.js) could detect my zigbee device and toggle the node.
but It takes 60 second to find and pair devices and send commands to them.
I want to send command with no delay.
on the other hand , I have no idea that how can I use openhab zigbee binding, to bind zigbee devices and control them…

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sometimes test_zigbee.js doesnt work, and I dont have any idea about that.
Is this my board problem? or drivers installed on raspberry pi?

The 60 secind delay is requiered just for initial pairing. After the node is added to the network commands sent are execute instantly (<1sec).
Take a look inside the ok and see what part is related to the pairing and what to just sending commands.

I haven’t tested OpenHAB zigbee bindings with MATIX Creator but reading in the website it looks like it should work. OpenHAB supports Ember Silicon Labs EM358, thats exactly the chip on the MATRIX Creator. Take a look in the section Ember EZSP NCP Coordinator for setu instructions specifically with zigbee. Note that if you use this binding you should stop all MATRIX services related to zigbee, so OpenHAB can talk to the zigbee chip without interference. To disable all zigbee services :

sudo systemctl disable matrix-creator-malos-zigbee.service
sudo pkill matrixio-malos-zigbee
sudo pkill ZigBeeGateway

To enable that again:

sudo systemctl enable matrix-creator-malos-zigbee.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo reboot

Let me know if it helps

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Thank you for help
Unfortunately I cant test it now, so I’ll check it and tell you result.
Do you mean that this works ?
Because I couldn’t connect to Matrix’s zigbee, Though maybe it was due to running matrix malos on raspberry pi …

I have not tried , I cant assure it will work. Their docs say its compatible with Silicon Labs EM358 chip and Ember protocol, so there is a change that it will work.

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I have a problem
Zigbee binding doesn’t appear in bindings list, when I install it in PaperUI .
What is the problem?
How can i solve that?