Using my matrix creator on a project thats starting out

I have started using this to get started on home automation. Its young project but what I like is that the voice module works with my matrix board… I want to put it the word out here maybe you guys could help him out buy contributing some code of your own as plugins. Right now I use it to just for kodi and works amazingly well. and the author has been super helpful in getting me started Just putting it out there. if you want I can post a video of it in action. I am not a coder just starting learn but maybe the community can help more than I can

Wow nice !

Yes, we would love to see a video of your project in action. It would be great to share that video here in the community but also on youtube or twitter.
Lisa-box looks like a interesting project, I am sure many MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice users will be interested in this voice for home automation system.

Looking forward to see your video.