Using the Matrix Creator 8 microphone array


I’m pretty new to the Matrix Creator. I want to use the Matrix Creator 8 microphone array. But the documentation on the microphone array is very poor and it’s hard to get started.

If you guys good help me with getting started that would be great. I do have a view questions about it.

  1. Does the Matrix Creator use all the 8 microphone’s (microphone channels) by default?

  2. How can I just them for voice recognition with js?

  3. Do I need to save the file before I can use voice recognition.

  4. How to get started?

I would appreciated it if you guys could help me start.

Kind regards,


Hi, This hint might answer your question 1.

Question 2. and question 3.

Hotwords detection, sonus also combine google stt

Question 4.
Try these example

I’d like to use microphone indivdually like one programm uses mic1 and second programm uses mic2 simultaneously

Hi @FxEng707,

Please check our response to your other post regarding this.