Voice output in realtime

I have a technical question for you and hope that someone could help me.

I am looking for a possibility to pass through the noise that the microphones of a Matrix Creator board are listening, directly to the audiojack of my Raspberry. Similar like an megaphone or something.

The only solution I found was to record something and playback it after again, but noting in real-time. I hope that anybody can help me.

Will not happen, input and output both use the same bus to read/write to the SPI.
Simultaniously will crash your app

Hi @Snipico,

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The audio driver was written for concurrent reading/writing so what you are suggesting should be possible!

I have never tried this myself though. I found this thread that you could modify to test out. I will do the same & get back to you with my findings!


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Hi Samreen,
thanks for your help. Iā€™m trying my luck. I am excited for your findings.

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