Voxcommando integration

Hi all, new user here…
Is there any integration of Matrix voice with Voxcommando ?
The idea is to avoid the use of a Pi of course and use Windows as server and Matrix as mic.

Hi @aguileramekin,

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We haven’t tried integrating the MATRIX Voice with Voxcommando yet and I’m not sure if the community has.

If you wanted to try it out, I would recommend looking at this guide for reference. It uses MQTT to send an audio stream from the MATRIX Voice to the server. This particular guide streamed into Snips.ai which is now closed to developers, but if Voxcommando can listen to MQTT messages, then you might be able to use a similar idea using Windows as the server instead of the Pi.


Hi Samreen

I saw that video but as Snips is no longer available so I quit of it.

I saw then :

  • Episode 201_ Get Started w_ Rhasspy Offline Voice Assistant

  • Episode 202 Add Intents to Rhasspy Offline Voice Assistant

But being sincere Rhasspy looks complicated to setup and I’m looking for something not simple but not that complicated (I don’t use Voxcommando, it was just an option I was checking to see if it is a valid option).

I can purchase a Pi (is complicated for me from here but I can arrange it) but then the question will be: Which is the best offline assistant to work with Matrix voice.

I like from Matrix the feature to be able to use several wifi mics around the house with only one server… but again which is the correct server to use with?

I’m Hubitat hub user (it works great offline) so to integrate it with an offline assistant and matrix voice will be like the whole thing together.

Best Regards;

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I edited your comment and removed your contact information. You can generally edit a comment from the account you used to make it in the first place. In this case- @aguileramekin.

At the moment, I would recommend Rhasspy as one of the best offline voice assistants we have seen to work. It is not that complicated to set up if you follow the guide.

We are working on another guide that allows MQTT audio streamed from a standalone MATRIX Voice to Rhasspy as well which should help you with your wifi mics around the house project.

If you are using the MATRIX Voice, you will actually need a Raspberry Pi even if you use it standalone, as the first time setup requires flashing all required firmware through the Pi.


Thank you Samreen
And yes, this looks like the best approach… I’m not afraid of the programming, I just want to be 100% sure to buy what I need, from Cuba is a nightmare to purchase those devices and connect them to internet as some webs are blocked but I use VPN when needed…

I have one doubt: what kit to buy?..
I would like to use matrix voice as mic but I would like to use too in the future to respond to gestures and face recognition like the videos on you youtube channel. I saw some kits have speakers but lack of a case for instance.

Can you recommend me what devices to buy apart from this ones?
-Pi (I have powersource for it… must 5VDC I think)
-Max voice mic (here is my main doubt what to buy)
-Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (correct?)
-Case with camera whole (I don’t know if “ReSpeaker Pro Case” is suitable for Matrix too (can you suggest me some case?).

Sorry many doubts here…



I have to clarify, the gesture and face recognition will be harder than you think. Those videos on our YouTube channel are from a long time ago and use a software layer that is now deprecated. You can still run CV algorithms on the Pi using the Pi Cam, but it will involve more programming using tools like openCV. We have a guide in development to have a person detection example for the community.

If this still sounds like something you would want to try, the list you have mentioned sounds good. You would also need a minimum 8GB microSD card. You could also purchase a MATRIX Voice CV Kit to get them all together.

As for a case, there are some community-made 3D-printable designs here and here. We don’t officially sell a case though.

Let me know if you have further questions!


Do you have the physical dimensions of the Matrix Voice ESP32 installed on the PI ?
I would like to know if this case is suitable: https://www.seeedstudio.com/ReSpeaker-Pro-Case.html


You should be able to use the reference models from here to get the dimensions. You can also look and measure from your browser using this link.


Thank you Samreen but this will be very inaccurate :wink:
Don’t you have around any matrix you can measure or ask your colleagues?
I can manage to get the Pi’s

This info regarding matrix must be published on your web for users… as you don’t provide cases we need to know this kind of things.

Thank you in advance


Measured the schematic- 80mm diameter, 12mm height with the soldered header pins, will be taller with the Raspberry Pi as there’s a header extension attached.


I too am a Vox Commando user (havent used it in years though) and I too think this would be excellent to use to listen to trigger your commands. I wish the process of using it did not require such a complicated installation procedure though.

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Hi Dominique
I’m making my mind to purchase the voxcommando licence and a matrix voice as it is very expensive for me here in Cuba. But if this software and mic solve my problem I will… now my main concern is how to use Voice Matrix with voxcommando.

You mention “installation procedure”, do you have any link or idea how to approach this project?.
If you don’t mind I would like to have a chat with you using whatsup or IMO to ask you a few questions regarding voxcommando… if is ok for you send me an email with your cell number to aguileramekin@nauta.cu

I’m thinking to buy a PI to have the suggested assistant (Jasper I think is the name) too but with this COVID virus problem this will take sometime I think.

My main issue is I need an offline assistant that be able to awaking up by voice and to respond to some command sending post or get http commands. I have a Hubitat hub which works amazing offline and sending post or get http commands you can control almost all devices at home.

I own a google home mini but this one only works online as we know.

I’m afraid I cannot help you. I have not used Vox Commando in many years and dont really remember how to use it. I’m sure its changed a bit and with more features.

When I mentioned installation procedure I was talking about how to install it. You cannot simply just connect via bluetooth and expect it to work out the box. You need to install it by programming it with a Pi. However, if that is not a problem for you, once you get it up and running im sure it would be a great far field mic array for something like VC. I am unsure how many false positives it will give cause I have never tried it myself. I guess it all depends how noisy your room is.