We need irc or slack

Discussion pages are nice but i would love to see a slack or irc channel to trade ideas
What do you guys think?

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I think an IRC channel would be great, i miss this too. The response time to questions here take much too long, in some cases weeks or months, or the questions keep unanswered at all. And in the end some creators might get frustrated.

It would be also great if developers or at least a kind of community manager from Matrix Labs could participate.

I’d prefer a slack but that’s just me :slight_smile:

What @Sphinx said is correct. I’m aware of the alpha stage development this is in but I believe the cost of a Matrix deserves more customer service/help than is found on this forum. If it doesn’t happen then I feel the community will move on. I have been putting together a project that revolves around the Matrix over the past month or so and I have been completely frustrated with the lack of documentation and response here. A simple question goes unanswered for days or even weeks. I have tried to be a part of the community and help other people as best as I can but if I can’t even get a problem resolved regarding a Streaming Server error and how to use DEBUG in a week I’m forced to find another solution. As mentioned this is frustrating as I think the Matrix has great potential, yet documentation and keeping happy community of developers are important to a device and its success. I truly hope this gets resolved in someway soon.

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So I have taken it upon myself to create a slack group for the Matrix One. You can find it at matrixcreator.slack.com if anyone cares to join the group. This is not a replacement for the forum. I just feel the need for quicker communication when trying to problem solve than what is here at the moment. Yes, it would be great if some people from Matrix could join us.

I don’t know much about slack but it seems to expect everyone to have an email address @matrix.one which we do not have yet.

Hey so I added the matrix.one to be accepted automatically. I thought you could enter your email and then I could just accept. Hmmm…Let me check on that.

Try this instead https://join.slack.com/matrixcreator/signup

This team’s administrator has not enabled email signups.

Sign up for matrixcreator.slack.com

Ask your administrator to send you an invitation.

ok everyone try this https://gitter.im/Matrix-Creators I will meet you in the lobby!!!

So it appears that I need to invite via email after all. If you’d like to message me your emails I can send invites that way or being that @vizonyc started this thread we can go with the Gitter.

For gitter one needs / can use a twitter or github account. Don’t know what to prefer here …

github I think is the way to go

So did we make a decision on what we are using?

Gitter it is! Also I used github as well.

Wow. Sorry guys. We’ve dropping the support ball while trying to deliver an awesome product.

If anyone wants into our support slack channel, please PM me your email and I’ll drop give you an invite.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi CreatorSean,
I’m not sure how to send pms on this forum.
I would like to join the slack channel for support.

General outline of my issue:
-> When running the compass demo in the hardware abstraction layer, all sensors are showing 0
-> My end goal is use the matrix-creator’s imu data in a Ros node
-> running ubuntu mate 16.04 on a raspberry pi 3
-> spi is enabled
-> I tried to run the install script in: https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-quickstart, but matrix-creator-init & matrix-creator-openocd have unmet dependencies
-> I tried to build those packages from source but ran into errors as well

Thank you!

@yoelrc88 can you help @jrokisky?

Thanks for the quick response!

Glad to help @jrokisky … I just sent you an invite by email.


Sounds like there is a Slack channel then, I have not tried that yet, and I usually use Discord because it seems to be used by many sites and several indie developers, and I am an indie developer as well.

I guess the Matrix source developers might not join that channel, but maybe others would so we could share new discoveries there and chat about them? Not that it should stop people from posting about it in these forums.