What's the current state of Matrix Creator?

I’m curious about the current state of Matrix Creator and the roadmap. Where can I see the timeline for updates to the core software, documentation, and sample projects?

I’ve been tinkering w/ my Matrix Creator for a while now. Generally I’m pleased. Before I consider buying some additional ones, I’d like to when updates can be roughly expected.

Hi! Thanks for writing. I’m really happy that you’re pleased with our efforts thus far.

MATRIX Creator is under constant development on many different fronts. You’ll always be able to find the latest documentation at https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/ .

We are supporting SEMVER across our major open source projects ( see https://github.com/matrix-io ), so you can see the updates we’ve done in the HISTORY.md files of each repo.

Otherwise, we publish major advances to our newsletter ( subscribe from http://matrixlabs.ai ) as they occur. We try to hit weekly or bi-weekly sprints for most of our features and publish newsletter updates once a month.

Now, you’re also asking about our future plans. Generally, we like to keep them under our hat until we are closer to release. However, I can say that we are doing lots of very useful improvements to the microphone array functionality, we are making the Creator more functional with more options for connectivity and we are constantly improving and inventing our computer vision capability. As these become available, we will release sample projects demonstrating their use.

Do you have a particular use case that I could try to give you more concrete details about? I can’t speak in general terms, but I might be able to speak towards specifics.

Are there any projects which show off their ‘timeline for updates’ in a way that works for you? We’re constantly looking for ways to serve our user base, and maybe we could find a compromise between giving you the information you need to make decisions, and keeping our surprises… a surprise. :slight_smile:

thanks again,