What's your experience using Docker with Matrix Core? Is it "supported"?

I am interested in starting a couple of PoC projects with the Matrix Creator board. I bought it when it came up but gave up due to too many issues with libraries & drivers and poor documentation for those not experienced with these kind of projects.

But recently I’ve decided to give it another go, I think maybe Docker could make managing dependencies a bit easier, or at least I could do my experiments without installing a ton of potentially conflicting or unstable libraries into my Pi. If I corrupt a virtualised container, no big deal!

But I am surprised to see that in Matrix Creator documentation, searching for “Docker” yields ZERO results, which is a bit disappointing.

If anyone has successfully tried Docker with Matrix Core, and successfully accessed the Matrix sensors from within a container, I’d love to hear about it!



i think this should be easy to get running. you only should need to forward the matrixio_regmap device if you have the matrix kernel modules installed. like i have don this in my python package.

so you only need to install matrix-init and the kernel modules and can then put the rest in the docker container. the docker container by itself should be quite simple. one main problem could be to start the different malos services and the core service in the docker container, but i’m very deep into the core stuff.

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If you’re trying to use JavaScript or Python, it might work better to try MATRIX Lite which only requires you to install MATRIX HAL and then node or pip for the MATRIX Lite package. It has less overhead than MATRIX Core and could be good for your PoC projects.

That way, if you try a docker container like @loom showed, you won’t have to worry about getting the different MATRIX Core services running in the container.

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