Where are the schematics?

I hav found some files with HDL-style pin assignments but can’t seem to find the schematics.

Hi @rkeithbeal,

See if this post can help you:

Reply if you need any other information or help with the Matrix Creator.


these files are not the schematics. why you don’t provide them?.

Hi @eljuli, here is the datasheet https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-87675/l/matrix-creator-datasheetpdf. In the datasheet you can get a lot of info regarding internal connections to the FPGA and connectors.

Let us know if this help and what specific connection information you need


Hi @yoelrc88 Thanks for the brochure but Still I don’t understand why you don´t provide the full schematics. Is easier than asking in a forum every question about the board.

for example:
what about the specifications/datasheet of the ADCs?.

there is internal connections between the FPGA and the Atmel microprocessor?.