Where to buy Matrix Creator?


where can I buy a Matrix Creator including shipping to Germany? When I click on the “buy” button on the website I am redirected to a shop which is only for business customers. I also cannot find any other shops selling the Matrix Creator.


Hi @leiropi,

The “Buy” button on out store page directs people to the Farnell export site. Have you tried purchasing directly from the German site here?

If that also requires business customers, I found two Raspberry-Pi approved German resellers that you could purchase from: Elektor and ExpTech.


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Thank you, Elektor is working. All the other shops you mentioned are for business customers only.

Edit: ExpTech is also working, only farnell is for business customers.

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Neither of the 2 store seem to sell Matrix Voice standard devices.

The problem with Farnell is that they only ship to business customers. The have a “regular” shop who basically sells their (exact same) merch at higher prices and higher shipping costs.

I was lucky to get a used one from Ebay recently to equip another room. I’ll probably buy more in the future.

Why don’t you ship to Germany yourself anymore?

Hi @jarvis,

We ship the MATRIX Voice Standard and MATRIX Voice ESP32 directly to customers internationally including Germany. You can find them on our store page here.

The MATRIX Creator is the only device of ours that is fully distributed through Farnell and its resellers.


Hi @Samreen,

strange, the last time I tried to order one the shopping system wouldn’t let me, telling me the item couldn’t be shipped to my location.
I don’t intend to buy one currently, otherwise I’d try it now.


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Feel free to reach out whenever you do!