Which RPI gpio pins are actually being used by the Matrix Voice


I do want to use the Matrix Voice for voice controlling my smart home. I want to attach it to a Raspi Zero W. However, I would like to add some other sensors (motion, temperature, sun, gas) and therefore would still need some of the GPIO pins on the Raspi. Could you tell me if all 40 pins are used by the Voice or if it uses less and which?
I did see the pinout of the Creator, but would imagine that it needs more gpios as it also boasts more sensors.
Or would it be possible to use some of the other GPIOs (on the Voice) as “passthrough” pins on the Raspi?
Thanks for your help


I’d like to know this as well.


I’m guessing it is just using SPI (and perhaps power, ground)

I say guessing because I don’t think the board works.


Just one SPI for data streaming (/dev/spidev0.0), one UART (/dev/ttyS0) for ESP32 programming, some GPIOs for IRQs and ESP32 controls (I2S has not been used).


Hey guys, check out the GPIO Pinout updated here in the docs.

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile: